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( Dilihat 703 kali )

Harga : Rp 3.651.000


Berat : 500 gr

Dimensi : 26 cm x 6 cm x 16 cm


Deskripsi Produk

Wearing style: Headband -single and double-sided variant.
Color: Black with white
Warranty: 3 years
Audio EPOS VoiceTM technology: For a clear and natural listening experience
Microphone: Noise-cancelling microphone for optimal speech transmission
Microphone frequency response: 150 – 6.800 Hz (Wideband)
Speaker frequency response: 50 – 18.000 Hz
Sound pressure: Limited by EPOS ActiveGard®:
Max. 103 dB via ED
Max. 118 dB via USB/USB-C & 3.5 mm jack
Optimized for communication & multimedia*: Sound enhancement profiles adjust automatically for optimal
communication or multimedia use
Enhanced music audio performance**: For a richer audio experience when listening to music
Active Noise Cancellation***: For enhanced noise reduction in open offices. Can be turned on/off.

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